Learn more about the studentenkringen and how to be part of one.

A kring (kringen in plural) or student society is a group of students belonging to the same faculty or field of study. Click here to know which kring is associated to your faculty.
The kringen actively contribute to the student life. They represent the students of their faculty on the student organs, protect the students’ interests and provide study materials for their fellow students. Moreover, they provide entertainment and leisure activities for the students.

The kringen count with a board, known as praesidium, and other members. The composition of the praesidium may vary from kring to kring, but some of the most popular figures are the praeses or president, the vice-praesas, the quaestor or treasurer, the secretary and the cantor.

The kringen also count with representatives focused on specific topics such as sports, culture, international, party, communication or Cudi (Cursus dienst or course services).

The rest of the members are affiliated students who do not participate in the decision-making process of the kring, but do benefit from the activities that the kring arranges.

First, check which kring is associated to your field of study. If you are an international student, we encourage you to contact the international representative of your kring to know more about the membership procedure and advantages. Besides, during the Orientation Days you will have several chances to meet the international teams of the kringen and ask them your questions.