International Student Associations

Find the student associations on campus that meet your interests or learn how you can start one.

A student organisation is an an effective way to get to know other students with the same interests as you. These associations count with the support of the university to arrange events and advertise their activity, which helps them to attract new members and spread their ideas.

The interests covered by the student associations are very wide: sports, academic interest, self-development, volunteering, politics or countries.

We first recommend you to take a look at the directory of existing student associations to see if there is one that matches your idea.

You may find organisations with the same interests and values as yours, but whose activity is limited to Dutch speaking students. In that case, we encourage you to contact them and associate yourself with them to open their activities to international students.

First of all, gather a group of people interested on your association. An effective way to find people is to create a Facebook page or group. We also advise you to create an email address to manage all the communications related to the association. If your association is related to a nationality or ethnic group, or you are interested on targeting international students, get in touch with LOKO International and Pangaea. They will provide you more information about how to reach your target group and how you can represent those students on campus decisions.

Student organisations that have been officially recognized are eligible for more types of subsidies to and other advantages (support with the organisation of events, diffusion of their activities through various communication channel, access to specific materials, reservation of classrooms at reduced prices).

To know more about the official recognition procedure, click here.