Dictionary of the Leuven Student

Sound like a local with this list of words that all the students in Leuven must know.

LOKO: LOKO stands for Leuvense Overkoepelende KringOrganisatie, that is the Leuven student representative association. Besides defending the interests of the Leuven students, LOKO is responsible of some of the most memorable events in Leuven.

24 urenloop or 24 hour run: the biggest sport event in Leuven. Organised by LOKO Sports and the studentenkringen, the 24 urenloop is a yearly 24 hours-long marathon in which several student associations and kringen compete to see who is the fastest team in Leuven.

Blok: period of time after the end of the classes and before the exam period in which students make the library their second house, survive on caffeine and fries,  run around on sweatpants, spend endless hours on the Internet and study (or at least, they try it).

Also, SOS Blok: LOKO’s initiative to help students . During SOS Blok, students can get free, drinks, soup, practice sports, enjoy massages, learn relaxation techniques and ask the LOKO team to help them with their household chores.

Cantus: a remarkable event part of the Belgian student tradition that involves singing from a codex and drinking beer.

Also, beiaardcantus: massive cantus celebrated every three years on Ladeuzeplein, conducted by the Library Tower carrillonneur.

The last beiaardcantus, celebrated in 2014, congregated more than 3600 people, being this the biggest cantus ever organised. Around 15000 liters of beer were consumed on that cantus.

Codex: for most, a codex is a book that compiles all the songs sung in a cantus. For a Leuven student, a codex is a book of immeasurable personal value that has witnessed some of the most memorable student nights.

It is not a true student codex if it is not full of scratches, beer stains and random doodles and inscriptions written by friends during the cantus.

Doop (studentendoop):  initiation rite for the new students in order to become members of a kring.

Feest, feestje, fuif, TD: party, party, party, party.

Frituur or frietkot: place to buy fries (frietjes), a must of the Leuven student diet.

Ithaka: the cultural event of the year! Ithaka is a festival of visual arts organised by LOKO Culture where young artists showcase their work.

Kring or studentenkring: A kring (kringen in plural) or student society is a group of students belonging to the same faculty or field of study. Read more about it here.

Kot: student room.

Orientation Days: week full of activities (International Dinner, International Party, Four of a Kind, Info Fair…) dedicated to the incoming international students. Do not miss it if you want to feel like a local.

Oude Markt: the place to be. Considered the largest bar of the world, Oude Markt is the epicenter of the student life in Leuven.

Pintje: beer.

Studentenflik: police agent specialized on student matters. You can reach the studentenflik at doelgroep.studenten@politieleuven.be

Survival of the Student: obstacle run organized by LOKO Sports, Apolloon and the University Sports Centre. 6 km of obstacles, competition, mud, music and fun.

Think Abroad Month (TAM): month full of activities to bring together the local and the international communities. Keep an eye on LOKO International Facebook page to know more about the events.