Campus Life

All the places, apps and services that will make your life easier are here.

Student Services

KU Leuven Student Services: the KU Leuven, Groep T, UCLL and Lemmens offer support to their students in different matters, such as finding housing, legal aid, a student job, support with your economical situation…

MindMates: MindMates is a KU Leuven initiative supported by students to support fellow students with depression. Whether you seek counseling for a friend of for yourself, a buddy ot a sympathetic ear, MindMates can help you. Moreover, they provide training to those interested on becoming buddies to help other students. 

Pangaea: Pangaea is the university intercultural meeting center. They organize and host trips, lectures, language tables, games…while offering free coffee to all their members.

KU Leuven Green Office: Do you want to make your university more sustainable? Do you want to work on sustainable projects? Are you searching for tips on how to eat and live more ecologically?  Then come and take a look at the Green Office KU Leuven, the sustainability center for students and staff members at our university! They work together and aim for successful campaigns, events and goals to make KU Leuven more sustainable.

Looking for more student tips? Check the Living in Leuven Guide.


LOKO: take a look at our website or follow us on Facebook and Snapchat (lokoleuven) to know what’s going on in Leuven.

The Voice: the magazine of the international students in Leuven! Interested on collaborating? Shoot them an email to

Veto:  Dutch-speaking independent newspaper made by and for the Leuven students. You can get their latest issue every week in different locations on campus.


Quivr: everything that a student in Leuven needs. Check your course schedule, find where your next class is, consult the library opening ours and the amount of available seats,  see if your friends are in class, take a look at the Alma menu of the day and read the Veto news. All in one app.

Alma Broodjes: order a baguette online, pay it by card, select when you would like to pick it up and skip the queue! Available at Alma Gasthuisberg and Alma 1.

Recycle!: troubles remembering what goes in which recycling bag and when do you have to put them out? Recycle! will give you all the answers and send a notification to your phone to remind you to take the trash out. Available for Android and iOS.

NMBS (trains) & De Lijn (bus): check train and bus routes, consult schedules and be updated of any disruptions in the service with these two apps.