From March 19th to March 30th LOKO organizes the Think Abroad with the support of the student unions and the international student associations.

The Think Abroad wants to bring all the students of Leuven together and open them up to new cultures. Come to the events and get a taste of all the different cultures of the world. You can learn the Salsa, better your cursing knowledge in different languages or discover the secrets behind the brewing process of the best beer in the world, Stella Artois.  Be curious and enjoy what we have to offer you during the Think Abroad. 

Another way to show the world your international colours is by participating in the Abroad Games. Sign up for the games, collect points and fight to win awesome prizes. 

   With the participation of


LOKO International

I am an international student. I have a question. I want to rent the Albatros. I want to borrow equipment for a cantus. I want to book a meeting room. I want to raise an issue. I am looking for a room in Leuven. I want to help out with the 24 hour run. I want to start a student association. I want to get informed. I want my landlord to give me my deposit back. I want to become a volunteer. I had a problem at ALMA. I want to borrow a screen and a projector. I want to know more about LOKO. I want to participate on Ithaka. I want to take part on the beiaardcantus. I want to book the LOKO garden. I want to organize an event in Leuven. I am a student in Leuven. I need sound equipment. I’m looking for a place to throw a party. I want my student association to be officially recognized. I don’t understand the traffic rules in Leuven. I am part of a student kring. I feel discriminated in the Leuven student life. I want to show my talent performing in the IFTf. I’m looking for a helping hand for my project.

We can help you.


Rent a room (‘kot’) for the semester or academic year

Get your deposit back

LOKO Events

24 uren loop (24 hour run)

SOS Blok


Het Groot Dictee ter Leuvense Student (The Great Dictation of the Leuven Students)

Ithaka Festival of Arts

Orientation Days: Four of a Kind, Karaoke, Info Fair, International Party

Think Abroad

Survival of the Student

Organize an event
Student Representation


Event Challenges

Challenge number Challenge Description Points for completion
 8. Take a picture at the entrance of the Islam exhibition of IMSAL. 10 points
 9. Take a picture of your team with the quiz master and mention your points. 20 points
 10. Post a picture of the dance class. 20 points
 11. Post a picture of you doing a limbo-belt battle at the Asian pop party. 20 points
 12. Take a picture of you debating with another person at the British Parliamentary Debating. 10 points
 13. Take a group picture with the bottle line and tag yourself in the picture. 20 points
 14. Take a group picture during the cantus. 20 points
 15. Post a picture of yourself dressed up as your spirit animal at the International party. 30 points
 16. Take a group picture with minimum 3 people and the dish they brought to the event. 30 points
 17. Take a selfie while showing off your amazing voice with the microphone. 20 points
 18. Take a picture of your plate while eating an international dish in the alma and mention what dish it is and its country of origin. 30 points

Go to the events organised by the student unions, enjoy what they offer and win points for the Think Abroad at the same time! 

Extra Challenges!

Challenge number Challenge Description Points for completion
 6. Post a selfie with the LOKO beach flag during the Foodmarket at LOKO. ( + the LOKO International coordinator = 10 bonus points) 20 points       (+10 points)
 7. Taste some food from one of the stalls of the Foodmarket at LOKO and post a picture of the food with the flag of its country of origin. 40 points

Come to the Foodmarket at LOKO (‘s-Meiersstraat 5, 3000 Leuven) to taste some delicious food from all over the world and to win extra points for the Abroad Games. Remember only the ones with the most amount of points will advance to the second round. So, come to the Foodmarket and get one step closer to the second round.


Challenges to get a head start

Complete these challenges to earn points and be in the top 16 of the first round of the Abroad Games. Only the 16 best players will advance to the second round.

Challenge number Challenge Description Points for completion
 1. Post a selfie with a Think Abroad poster. 10 points
 2. Have a drink in Pangaea and take a photo with the bartender. 20 points
 3. Take a picture with at least 3 foreign currencies (the Euro doesn’t count). 20 points
 4. Take a picture in front of the town hall (at Grote Markt) with as many people as possible. 30 points
 5. Prepare a foreign dish and state which dish it is. 40 points

You can find the rules of the Abroad Games on the following link, Abroad Games Rules.

Not registered yet? You can register on the following link, Abroad Games Registration.